About Apasionese


Justin Chong (Apasionese) is a Singapore-based international physique photographer and graphic designer whose work has been focused on fitness and physique modelling.

Justin started out in 2013 as a self-taught freelance graphics designer, creating Facebook Timeline covers for athletes and fitness models and have created close to 2000 of them to date. His covers are much sought after by fitness professional worldwide. He also has worked extensively with WBFF South Africa and WBFF Australia to provide graphics for the 2 organizing bodies.

Riding on the network he has built over the 2 years, Justin got into fitness photography after being inspired by the works of other professional photographers like Gilles Crofta, Pat Lee etc. He bought his first DSLR in May 2014 and has now worked with some of the top fitness athletes in the industry. He has had fitness athletes and models travelling to Singapore to shoot with him, and also himself traveled to countries like United States, United Kingdom and Australia frequently for photoshoots. He has since worked with over 200 fitness models and athletes. 

In 2015, Justin landed his first international fitness magazine cover. His photo of Belgian fitness model Tibor Kopper from their shoot in Singapore was used as the front cover the September issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine (Netherlands Edition). The photos from the shoots were also subsequently featured in the October issue of Muscle and Fitness Netherlands.



For more information on Justin's work, to get in touch regarding shoot opportunities, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.


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