Image Licensing & Custom Photo Shoot Services

(Rev. 29 Feb 2016)

Package A 

Exclusive licensing of a single, existing and available image for a trade/e-book cover or for an exclusive teaser.

Starting at $650.00 ($350 + $300) 

  • Valid for up to 350,000 sales, after which renewal of the photographer’s fee is required.
  • Talent fees are derived by the model or their agency. PhotosByApasionese does not determine the talent fee.
  • The $300 talent fee is a baseline to an individual model.
  • If there are multiple models in an image (such as a couple), a separate fee is applied for EACH model or a couples fee may have been worked out by the models.
  • If the model/agency has a higher rate, that new rate will be applied to the quote instead of the $300 talent fee.
  • Client to pay the talent fee separately from photographer’s fee, unless otherwise stipulated.
  • Once contract is signed and payments made, exchanges of images with the same model are allowable (within 10 days). Image exchanges with a different model carry a penalty equal to the new model’s talent fee, payable directly to them.

Package B 

Specific custom cover photo shoot for single book cover, with associated promotional teaser / swag images.


  • A minimum of 30 days notice is required to book a custom photo shoot if specific locations or props are required.
  • Price includes session fee and a commercial use fee for up to 10 total final edited HD images, allowing use of these 10 images on a SINGLE book cover and/or for promotional materials (you are allowed to create giveaways items and “swag” such as postcards, bookmarks, etc.)
  • If multiple book covers are to be created from these images, a premium of$200 per each additional cover will be applied. The overall image count remains at 10. If images of the same model wish to be used for a cover from a different shoot or segment of a shoot, Package A prices apply.
  • Additional edits beyond the packaged 10 are available at $20 each, for promotional use only. Use on a cover requires the cover premium (or, Package A pricing if applicable) to be paid.
  • The final edited images are under exclusive license to the paying author or publisher and will not be relicensed to others.


  • Different poses and/or outfits from any portfolio work the model may perform after completion of the cover shoot duties are available for further licensing by PhotosByApasionese.
  • Client is solely responsible for provision & confirmation of wardrobe, specific props, locations & associated location fees, and model direction for specific poses where required. Photographer shall work to capture the required poses, but is allowed artistic license to insure the integrity of their work. Photographer is not responsible for non-approved / mistaken wardrobe or unavailable locations and is due payment for his time in the session.
  • All photos delivered for a cover are per the photographer’s established editing style. It is up to the cover designer to make adjustments to the cover for your derivative work, unless previous arrangements have been made with PhotosByApasionese. Please be advised that additional editing (removal of standard background elements, recompositing, combining elements from separate photos, etc.) constitutes high end retouching services and carries an extra charge, based on the extent of additional editing required.


  • Does NOT include any talent fee(s) / day rates (these negotiations and payments are separate from PhotosByApasionese). Please inform the model if shooting for multiple book covers.
  • Does NOT include any associated travel expenses (airfare, car rental, lodging, per diem) for either Photographer and/or model(s), payable in advance of the shoot.
  • Does NOT include any location or rental fees. These are the responsibility of the client.
  • If Photographer travel to a shoot requires an extra day and there is no chance of additional shoots being booked, a $300 travel premium shall be applied along with the session fee and is also due prior to travel.
  • Does NOT include commercial rights to sell posters, calendars, etc. - see below for this option.

Package C

Specific custom book cover photo shoot for cover image(s) only (no promotional images):

$500.00 for up to 3 book cover images.

  • Price includes session fee and a commercial use fee for up to 3 final edited HD images, allowing use of these 3 images on up to THREE book covers and also for promotional materials (you are allowed to create giveaways items and “swag” such as postcards, bookmarks, etc. from these images)
  • Same additional provisions apply as in the Package B.

All Prices in Singapore Dollars (SGD) unless otherwise stated.

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